Termite Control Services

Termite Control Services

Whether your home is brand new, old as the hills or somewhere in between, it is at risk from one of Florida’s most damaging forces – TERMITES. Your home may already be infested with termites and the signs may not be visible until severe and costly damage is done. Most property insurance  policies do not cover termite infestation or the hundreds of millions of dollars in damage caused to structures each year. The costs to repair termite damage and the headaches you will experience as a result can be minimized once you have the Price Protection Plan Guarantee. 

Price Protection Plan – Complete Termite Control Services

Are you protected? You will be with The Price Guarantee.

You may have heard the old saying, “There are two types of homes: Homes that have termites and homes that will have termites.” Termites are so prevalent in Brevard County and throughout Central Florida that multiple colonies may thrive on a one acre parcel of land. Your property is no exception! Protecting your home or business from one of Florida’s most destructive creatures has never been so simple. Price Termite & Pest Control’s Termite Damage Guarantees offer a substantial value for a low annual fee. 

  • Annual Termite Guarantees are available up to One Million Dollars in damage coverage.
  • Annual Termite Guarantee renewal will ensure a lifetime of protection. 
  • Annual Termite Guarantee renewal includes a visual inspection of your property.  

Call Price Termite & Pest Control today to schedule your FREE inspection and consultation to determine which termite protection plan and guarantee is right for you.

Species Treated

Subterranean Termites

Price Termite & Pest Control can effectively reduce the infestation and damage caused to structures by subterranean termites with our Price Protection Guarantee. Subterranean termites live beneath the soil and seek out moisture and food sources, such as decaying plant material, lumber and other cellulose materials commonly found in building materials. Many colonies of subterranean termites may be found on a single parcel of land and there may be up to tens of thousands of termites per colony.

Subterranean termites can be effectively treated with several chemical soil treatments including the industry leading choice of termite professionals, Termidor®. Termidor® protects like no other.

Drywood Termites

Drywood termites infest dry wood to colonize usually in attics or older structures.  Unlike subterranean termites, drywood termites do not require contact with soil and need very little moistures to survive.  When a drywood termites matures, they produce swarms of winged male and female reproductive insects.  The reproductive termites will then fly out of their colony to create new colonies after mating.  swarming termites fly from colonized wood in late spring and summer.  Warm temperatures and heavy rains will instigate swarms. Drywood termites occur in small colonies in isolated wood pieces. Multiple colonies can infest a structure simultaneously.

Signs of infestations by drywood termites and control measures differ drastically from those for subterranean termites.  Control methods include whole structure fumigation and/or spot treatment with insecticides. Direct treatment of lumber MAY provide protection if the drywood termites tunnel through the treatment to infest the wood.  Drywood termites remain hidden within the wood or other material on which they feed, so they are seldom seen. Fecal pellets are ejected periodically.  When this happens, termites will extract moisture from fecal pellets for conservation.  When all moisture has been extracted, they will push the pellets outside of the tunnel where mounds are formed.  This is an indication of an infestation. 

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