When it comes to pest control, inside or out, look to your one source for any and all critter control, and eradication; Price Termite & Pest Control. Our extraordinary customer service and dedication to quality, integrity and dependability starts with a free no obligation inspection. Once the inspection results are gathered and analyzed our certified technicians will take the inspection results and develop a proactive eradication and defensive plan that addresses the already infested as well as the potential areas of possible infestation. We discuss the entire plan with our customer and then and only then do we implement efficient eradication and maintenance protocols that are cost effective and lead to the ultimate solution; no pests. Our personnel are trained on our state of the art equipment and use only EPA approved products. Our products, expert techniques, and most up to date technology combine for a more-than-favorable pest free result that is environmentally friendly.

Inside Your Home

Our technicians are thoughtful in delivering the necessary pest control and eradication products with the precision of to the strategic areas that are the source of the infestation. We use only products that when applied, confine themselves to the area needing treatment. The result is means peace of mind for you, your family and your pets.

Outside Your Home

The information from our inspection also allows for an outdoor plan for an effective and sturdy chemical barrier in the soil surrounding your home and identifies vermin entrance locations. These areas may include space around doors and windows, concrete and mortar cracks, as well as breaches in the foundation of your home all of which can  provide additional  critter access from the outside to the inside of the house. In addition we identify plant, shrubs and tree issues that must be resolved because they can allow pests alternative above ground entry routes to your home.

The End to Pest Problems

Price Termite & Pest Control knows that its 28 years of experience in the Pest Control Industry, in addition to inspectors and technicians with an excess of 80 years of cumulative experience and knowledge has taught us no pest problem is without an effective solution. We are the locals’ first choice because we go beyond the competition by not only treating the problems you know about, but we help you assess and prevent the one’s you don’t know about! Our services are value-priced & competitive & our customer service is all about you, our customer.  Your free inspection is a phone call away at 888-630-2847.