fallen tree

Do I Need to Remove My Tree?

It is a tough decision to make if a tree needs to be removed from your premises. Different factors need to be considered before getting rid of a healthy tree. First, you should determine the cause of the problem and whether it can be fixed by pruning or fertilizing. If there is no solution, then the best option might, unfortunately, be to cut down the tree and fix the problem.

Tree problems that should be considered for removal:

1. Disease

If a tree is severely infected with a disease, it most likely needs to be removed right away as it can spread quickly to other trees and plants in your yard or neighborhood. If you see discoloration of the leaves or unusual formation of fruit and flowers, it may be a sign of infection and needs immediate attention.

Diseases that can cause tree decline include ash twig blight, verticillium wilt, and Dutch elm disease (which affects all species of elm trees).

2. Invasive Root Growth

It is okay for roots to grow under concrete or asphalt; however, when you start seeing them growing up through the lawn, that's the time to take action. They can cause damage to your plants as well as put pressure on your home's foundation. The best way to keep roots from growing out of control is to ensure the tree is healthy and well-maintained.

The root system plays a vital role in the tree's health and vigor. Once the roots spread beyond the canopy's drip line (the outermost point of leaf coverage), they can encroach into sidewalks and driveways, crack foundations, or girdle water lines.

3. Decay or Rot

Some trees are weaker than others when it comes to decay, but if there are water-soaked areas on branches or trunks, they need immediate attention. A tree with weak branches is more susceptible to falling over during a storm. Usually, decay isn't visible from just looking at the tree as the process happens slowly.

If you are not sure what the cause of the problem is, then contact an arborist or landscaper who can inspect your tree and offer professional advice on how to solve its current condition. Another common reason a tree may need to be removed is storm damage where large branches are broken off of trees, or even entire trees are blown over by windstorms, or a shallow root system that fails to hold the tree upright. Contact Price Termite & Pest Control today for all of your tree and shrub care needs.