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Bed Bug Treatment in Florida

Of the pests that plague Floridian communities, bed bugs are one of the more disturbing. They feed on human blood while we sleep, and have adapted to be very adept hiders, so it’s sometimes difficult to even know if you have an infestation! Bed bugs have been on the rise here in South and Central Florida for many years, so if you think you have them, you’re not alone.

Family-Friendly Bed Bug Control

Although bed bugs don’t transmit any diseases, they can leave itchy bites on your skin and seriously disrupt your peace of mind, detracting from sleep. We’ve honed our bed bug control to get rid of these parasitic pests efficiently and effectively so you can get back to real rest in your own bed.

When you choose Price for bed bug treatment in Florida, you can expect:

  • A free inspection from one of our bed bug exterminators.
  • An individualized treatment plan based on your situation and needs.
  • Targeted treatment to get rid of bed bugs.
  • And more!

We know how disruptive bed bugs are. Our bed bug treatment is designed to return your peace of mind as quickly as possible. Your highly-trained bed bug exterminator will work with you every step of the way to ensure the issue is thoroughly solved.

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Our Treatment Methods

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of—especially since they can survive for up to a year without eating! But we’ve been helping Floridians get rid of bed bugs for more than 30 years, so we have a trick or two up our sleeves. When it comes to bed bug control, multiple avenues of eradication exist that might suit your situation. From a small infestation to a sizable and established one, our expert exterminators have a treatment method that will work for you.

Our bed bug treatment options include:

  • Liquid spot treatments.
  • Aerosol treatment.
  • Fumigation for large infestations.
  • Mattress covers
  • Climb-up interceptors

Your local technician will talk you through the best options for your situation, giving you insights into steps you can take to help prevent bed bugs from coming back. 

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How Did I Get Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs in your home does not mean you have a dirty home. These pests are talented hitchhikers, catching rides on luggage or used furniture, then finding new hiding spots after landing in a new location. People who travel often have a higher likelihood of bringing them home, but everyone is at risk of a bed bug infestation.

Signs of Bed Bugs

Though most people think they’ll discover bed bugs by the presence of bites on their body in the morning, some people don’t react to bed bug bites, so there’s no visible mark even after a night of being bitten by these insects. If you want to know if you have bed bugs, it’s helpful to know some other signs to keep an eye out for.

Common signs of bed bugs include:

  • Red, itchy bites on your skin after sleeping, often in a line, or randomly spread on your skin.
  • Bed bug molts (shed exoskeletons) ranging from 1-7 mm in your sheets.
  • A musty odor coming from your mattress and bedding.
  • Rust-red spots or lines on sheets from bed bug feces.
  • Live bugs in the folds of your mattress or between your mattress and box spring.

Of course, spotting live bed bugs is a dead giveaway. They’re usually reddish-brown and the size and shape of an apple seed. If you see them or notice any of the above signs, call Price Termite and Pest Control for a professional inspection.

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There When You Need Us

Finding bed bugs in your home can be downright unnerving, making you not want to sleep in your own bed. We know! We offer flexible scheduling and emergency services so you don’t have to wait a moment longer than necessary for professional bed bug control. Plus, we offer Same-Day, Next-Day, and Saturday Service. Our priority is getting you back to normal life, ASAP. Connect with us to get the relief you need, when you need it!

Recurring Treatments for Total Protection

With certain infestations, one-time treatments may not be enough to completely eradicate them. Our recurring bed bug treatment ensures that bed bugs are fully removed and that they stay gone for the long run. Ask your technician about options for protecting your home from bed bugs.

Always-Free Quotes

When you sign up for any service, you want to know what to expect from the start. We second that, offering free quotes on all our services so you can always look before you leap into bed bug treatment. It’s one small way that we strive to help you make the best decision for you and your family.

Our Guarantee

Should the problem persist in between scheduled treatments, simply let us know and we'll re-service your home for no additional cost to you. That's our guarantee to you!


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We’ve served South and Central Florida as the go-to local lawn and pest control company since 1988. Our aim is your wellbeing, which we pursue by removing pests and the diseases they carry from your home, and by creating lovely outdoor spaces where families can thrive. As a locally owned and operated company, we’re proud to serve our fellow Floridians.

5 Star Review

Jon and his team are professional, responsive, and great to work with. Price performs monthly service at my office and keeps us bug free!

Tom Noyes
5 Star Review

Your pest control person was here yesterday and did his usual super job! Really like the fact that he rings the door bell so we know he's here. Only one very minor issuehissue, left the front side gate open that takes one to the back of our house. This is the side the dog uses when he needs to go out. Don't want him to escape. Some timesttimes wind opens this gate if it's not soundly closed. Please remind him about closing the gate. It needs a firm tough and to check that it's latched. But, he always does a great professional job!

Dan Young

Daniel Young
5 Star Review

These guy were awesome. Our neighbor saw bats going up under my roof one evening and let us know ext day. We called Price and they came that evening and checked the attic and gave us the bad news. They then called Emil at OnPoint and within a couple days all entry points to the attic were sealed with a single exit/no return device put in place. We called them out several times as the little buggers infiltrated the house. We caught a couple upstairs and started sleeping downstairs when one crawled on my wife's neck. Caught that on in a drawer liner and ejected it.

Huck Hickson

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