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“There are two types of termites: those that have termites, and those that will have termites.” It’s a humorous old saying among pest control experts and homeowners, but it shows just how common termite infestations can be. Termites are one of the most numerous and plentiful pests in the world, and they are also notorious for being one of the most destructive. Termites feast on wood, and they aren’t really all that picky about where it comes from.

A fallen log, a drying woodpile, and even the wood framing that holds your house up are all an all-you-can-eat buffet for a colony of these tiny, ant-like pests. And that can mean devastating and extremely expensive damage.

What Are Termites?

Termites are small insects that are often mistaken for ants. They are similar in size, have somewhat similar looking bodies (depending on the species), and they tend to live in large colonies just like ants do. Some termite colonies can number in the hundreds, while other species have been known to produce colonies that can number up over one million bugs per colony.

Termites have a similar social structure to ants as well. There are three different types of termites found in a colony:

  • The queen: A single termite who is responsible for mating, laying eggs, and ensuring the continued survival of the colony. Some species also have a fertile male “king” termite who is responsible for mating with the queen to produce the eggs.
  • Soldiers: A group of termites whose job is to protect the colony from intruders, including other insects and termites from other colonies that might be looking to steal resources.
  • Workers: A large group of termites whose job is to locate food sources and collect food. Once they locate a food source, they notify other workers, who quickly infest and begin collecting and consuming the food. These are the type of termite you will most likely find in your home.

Termites build their colonies underground, and single colonies have been known to cover hundreds or even thousands of square feet in size. In fact, the largest colonies have been known to stretch across multiple plots of land, sometimes reaching four or five homes at the same time!

Termites are an incredibly common problem for homes, affecting nearly every structure after a certain amount of time. In fact, if your home is more than two decades old, it’s almost guaranteed that your home will have at least some degree of termite damage. Not all termite damage is serious—minor damage will leave your home no worse for wear. However, allowing termites to continue to infest a home and consume even more of the wooden framing that composes your home could lead to a disaster in the future.

Termite Control Services

If you have an active termite infestation, the team at Price Termite & Pest Control offers premium, fast, and effective termite removal and extermination services. We use humane but effective methods of eliminating termites wherever they might be, including in your walls, in the floors beneath your feet, or even in the structure over your head. We know the importance of getting to your problem quickly, and we do everything we can to not only remove every last termite from your home in order to prevent any damage being done from getting any worse.

One method of control services we offer is good for both termite prevention and removal services. Termite baiting uses a series of bait stations placed into the ground at strategic points around your home. The bait in these bait stations is designed to attract termites, but also to eliminate them effectively. These bait stations can start working within hours and within days can have a noticeable impact on termite populations in and around your home.

Suspect you might have a termite problem? Let the team at Price Termite & Pest Control handle your problem for you!

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The Price Protection Plan – Complete Termite Control Services

Termites love to thrive in the moist, warm soils of Florida. However, you don’t have to resign your home to falling victim to them. As a member of the Price Protection Plan, you will receive comprehensive and ongoing termite protection and prevention treatments that keep you and your property safe. We make termite protection both simple and affordable, giving you substantial value for one low annual fee.

Price Protection Plan members receive all of the following:

  • A full visual inspection of your property to investigate for termites upon signup
  • Ongoing preventive treatments that protect your property from termite damage
  • Up to one million dollars in termite damage coverage (termite damage is not always covered by homeowners insurance!)

Sign up for our Price Protection Plan and start protecting your property from termites! Contact Price Termite & Pest Control today.

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