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Termite colonies can be far bigger than you may have ever imagined. Certain species of termites might have well over a million bugs living in a single colony, and a single acre of land might have multiple colonies living on it simultaneously. With the threat of termites being so common and yet so serious for homes and businesses, the only truly effective type of protection is ongoing, constant, and active protection that specifically targets this issue. That’s exactly what termite baiting systems are designed to do: actively target termite colonies and keep them away with effective distraction and elimination.

How Termite Baiting Works

Termite baiting forms an invisible “force field” around your property by creating conditions that actively work to prevent termites from approaching your home. This is done using a series of bait stations, which look a lot like large stakes or spikes that are embedded into the soil at strategic points around your home. Inside each of these stakes is a bait cartridge that can be quickly and easily replaced by a pest control technician once the bait expires or is completely consumed by a termite colony.

This bait is a specially formulated substance that is designed to attract the attention of termites. Because termites have a tremendous sense of smell, they are quickly attracted to this bait that they perceive as a convenient food source. However, this bait is more than just food—it’s also an effective extermination substance. The termites pass it to one another, infecting each other and quickly causing them to die out. Likewise, infected termites further infect other termites back in the colony. Within days, these bait stations can completely wipe out an entire colony of termites, preventing them from ever reaching your property.

However, wiping out a colony doesn’t get rid of the problem permanently—it only stops it for a short while. Termites can quickly return to where a wiped out colony once lived, establishing a new colony that then grows and flourishes. The bait stations also protect against these new colonies by repeating the process of attracting workers, who then carry the infected bait back to their colony once again.

Why Termite Baiting Is the Superior Prevention Method

Previous termite prevention and treatment methods were tedious, difficult, only lasted a short amount of time, and only partially took care of your issue. For example, anti-termite sprays might create a barrier that stops termites from crossing for a few months, but the barrier eventually wore out and termites quickly returned. Likewise, this barrier was only along the ground, and termites in trees or who came up through cracks in your foundation were unfazed by this barrier. Termites could be anywhere on your property, and there was no real way to know it until it was too late.

Here are a few great advantages of termite baiting:

  • Affordable: Bait station treatments are an affordable and cost-effective way of protecting your property from the threat of termite invasions.
  • Low-maintenance: Bait stations are designed to last for years, and single bait cartridges can last for months at a time. When a cartridge is empty or spoils, replacing it with a new one takes only a matter of seconds.
  • Stress-free: Bait stations are passive, require no additional power, and continue to provide active protection that eliminates stress and gives you peace of mind.

With termite baiting, this guesswork is a thing of the past. Placing bait stations at key locations around your property has been proven to yield outstanding results, protecting nearly any property from the ongoing threat of termite infestations. At Price Termite & Pest Control, we proudly offer termite baiting system installation, maintenance, and refresh services that keep an ongoing shield of protection over your home. Plus we offer great service plans that take care of refreshes and maintenance automatically so you never have to worry about your protection diminishing.

Get more information about the great baiting services we offer by contacting Price Termite & Pest Control today.

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