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If your family, your guests, and your pests have been suffering from itchy red bumps, you likely have a flea or tick problem on your hands. The residents in some states may only have to endure these parasites for a few months of the year, at the height of summer. However, here in Florida where the weather is humid and hot most of the year, fleas and ticks are liable to bite you at any time.

Do not take any chances of getting a full-blown flea or tick infestation on your property. Not only are the bites of these insects painfully itchy, but they often allow viruses and bacteria to be transmitted into your bloodstream, creating devastating consequences on your body for years to come. When you are anxious about this kind of pest problem, let Price Termite & Pest Control provide a powerful solution with our dedicated flea & tick control in South & Central Florida.

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Controlling Stubborn Flea Populations

What makes flea infestations so liable to occur on any property is that fleas are not merely carried in by pets. These tiny insects lay in wait in shrubs, grass, bushes, alongside yards, sidewalks, steps, and porches. The moment a victim comes along, they leap on with their powerful legs, and their bites are practically painless (initially) so that the flea is long gone before you have time to react.

Not only are these tiny fleas so hard to kill, but they also reproduce quickly, with females laying many eggs within hours of feeding off of your blood. Your business or home will soon be overrun with fleas if you do not get our rapid flea treatments, both for the interior and exterior of your property.

Avoiding Harmful Tick Diseases

People often think that they are only prone to get ticks when they go deep into the woods on a camping or hiking trip. However, the reality is that ticks can be found anywhere in Florida, even in a well-maintained lawn of your corporation or condominium. It is never good to treat a tick problem lightly since the diseases carried by these pests can last a lifetime, or even be fatal.

Some of the most dangerous illnesses and infections caused by ticks include:

  • Lyme disease
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF)
  • Anaplasmosis
  • Powassan Virus disease
  • Babesiosis
  • Borrelia miyamotoi disease
  • Ehrlichiosis

Commitment to Your Safety

Having an infestation of fleas or ticks on your property is not just an itchy, painful nuisance to you and any guests or visitors. The devastating diseases carried by these insects mean that your safety is at stake. In fact, completely healthy people have been killed by the deadly Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in a matter of days, since it attacks blood vessels and creates extreme damage to the soft tissue and critical organs.

Here at Price Termite & Pest Control, we are devoted to protecting the health and safety of your family and any other guests. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for powerful flea & tick control in South & Central Florida.

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