Are Pests and Plants Impacting My Allergies?

boy with cold

The short answer to the question of whether certain plants and pests are impacting your allergies is yes. But for the longer answer, you’ll just have to keep reading.


One of the most common causes of seasonal allergies is pollen, which plants produce. It’s also often referred to as hay fever. Pollen is released from plants in order to fertilize other plants of the same species in order for them to keep populating. Most people who suffer from pollen-related allergies are being impacted by things as common as grass, trees, and weeds. Flowering plants such as roses and cherry blossoms also produce pollen that is carried from plant to plant by pollinating insects.


While pollinating insects are a major cause of the spread of allergens, there are other ways that pets can trigger your allergies. For instance, the droppings that come from roaches and rodents are very triggering for those who already suffer from allergies, and even the common fruit fly can trigger allergies. Additionally, while stink bugs are mostly known for their foul-smelling defense mechanism, they are also responsible for their fair share of allergic reactions.

Whether allergies manifest in a runny nose, constant sneezing, itchy eyes, or respiratory issues, there is nothing to take lightly. If you need assistance removing some of these pollen-producing trees or pollen-transporting insects, such as wasps and hornets, from your yard (we don't remove bees), don’t hesitate to contact our team at Price Termite & Pest Control! You should be able to enjoy your space year-round while maintaining your health and staying comfortable. It is of the utmost importance, so visit our website or give us a call to learn more about how we can assist in this endeavor.

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